Women Entrepreneurs, Helping Women Entrepreneurs. Courtesy of #LuminarProject


After meeting so many entrepreneurs who feel as though they are unable to get their idea "off the ground" (because they assume they lack the media skills necessary to promote such idea/s on social media platforms), it is really exciting to see how Luminar Projects has provided some amazing  resources. When starting a business, budgeting is everything! The WORST MISTAKE entrepreneurs tend to do is invest funds in having someone else build a site (mostly not even css/htlm built, instead simply using free platforms a.k.a you're getting suckered) ,  manage their FB /TW or even create content....STOP. This is YOUR business, YOUR idea, YOUR baby... if you want to be successful you must get YOUR hands "dirty", specially when funds are limited.  Be involved in every aspect. Now, thanks to Laminar Project you have some amazing resources. Go ahead and don't be afraid, learn to create your "mailing list" on MailChimp or start your website using Shopify or Wix. Most of these resources are FREE to use. Get on it, people! and don't forget to subscribe to LuminarProject 's newsletter to stay up to date on the latest resources for all your entrepreneurial needs! 


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