Spotlight: Make it black


If you are anything like this girl (points at self), you wear black on the daily... snowing or sunny. Maybe not all black, but something is...

Do you have a favorite tee ruined by those annoying pit stains you can't get rid of (nothing to be ashamed of)? Make it black.

That cute nude summer dress you wore to a wedding once and never again... turn it into your new favorite LBD. Make it black 

How about that thrift-ed eggshell yellow turtle neck you aren't sure you can pull off? Turn it chic...Make it black. 


MAKE IT BLACK is a new eco-conscious website that will dye your clothing items black, re-tag them and ship them back to you. Like receiving a new item that you know you love already! Stay tuned as the site launches soon. We sure can't wait!!!





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