Spotlight: Chloe Pultar

Thank you for joining us today,Chloe. We are huge fans of everything you are doing in modeling and social media.


Tell us about yourself: Where are you from?

CHLOE: I’m 17 years old, and I’m from a small town in Jersey. There are lots of farms around here; it’s a lot different from New York, which is where I spend most of my time. When I’m not modeling I’m probably either in school, or making art.


What got you interested in modeling?

CHLOE: I actually didn't get into modeling on purpose, but it makes sense because I've been into fashion and art for a while. Modeling provides a way to be closer to that. It’s definitely a creative outlet for me.


What do you hope to achieve as a model? You have already been featured in publications like refinery 29 and in music videos such as Carly Ray Jepsen’s “Boy Problems”; is there a Designer you would like to work with or any specific industry talent?

CHLOE: There's so much I want to achieve as far as modeling goes, but the most rewarding experience I've had come out of it so far has been people telling me I've inspired them, whether it's just being more bold or pursuing their dreams. To be honest, I haven't really thought about working with a certain designer yet. It's kind of hard to imagine working with a big designer as a curve model, just because those kinds of opportunities don't come around often, but that's definitely something I want to change.


I love your style and noticed you seem to wear some vintage brand items... Do you thrift? Describe your style?

CHLOE: Almost all of my clothes are thrifted. I would definitely describe my style as 90s androgynous; I'm almost always in baggy clothing.


Ok, now I’ll ask 5 flash questions. (Answering with whatever comes to mind first.)

  1. Must have beauty product?

Benefit’s Gimme Brow

  1. Favorite “cheat” meal?

I'm not on a diet so I don't really have a "cheat meal" I just eat everything in moderation.

  1. Friday nights: in or out, in the town?


  1. Ginger Spice or Sporty Spice?

Sporty Spice

  1. Last show you binge watched on Netflix?



Any words of encouragement or any warnings you would like to give to someone who may be thinking of Modeling?

CHLOE:  It's important to know what you want out of your career, and what you're comfortable with. A lot of people will try to put you in a box or tell you what you should do, and in those moments you need to be able to speak up for yourself. Modeling definitely has made me feel more confident in myself, but there have been moments where it's made me self-conscious as well. 


And my final question: what’s “in store” next for Chloe Pultar? Anything we should be watching for?

CHLOE: There’s a lot in store for me, I’m always working. But you should look out for me in Converse’s SS17 campaign, which should be releasing soon.

Great! We can wait! Thank you so much for chatting with us today, Chloe.

To stay up to date with Chloe:

Instagram: @chloe_pultar   

Depop: @chloepultar





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