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Hi Kim, First and foremost I would like to thank you for sitting with RinconCult to discuss Nair & Bjorn. I have been following, and have known about N&B for a while and am a huge fan! I would like to take a few questions and introduce N&B to our readers. As you may know part of what RinconCult is about, is introducing brands, blogs, and businesses in the territory of the eco-conscious, minimalist and not for profit. We love to encourage smarter consumerism, it be supporting local artisans, buying second-hand or making purchases that support local organization, for that reason I think N&B is a perfect spotlight candidate.  

RC: What is Nair & Bjorn?

Kim:  Nair & Bjorn is a handcrafted accessories brand made in California.  All our designs are handmade and we donate 20% of every purchase to animal charities and no-kill shelters.  One of our collections is a complete line of RescueWear that expresses love of animals, rescue and adoption.

RC: For those who may not be familiar with N&B could you explain how the jewelry line came to be?

Kim:  I started Nair & Bjorn as a way to give back to rescue animals.  My husband and I were walking our dog, Nemo in our neighborhood and we found a stray dog.  We put up flyers and an ad in the paper but couldn't locate his family.  We ended up adopting him and named him Mowgli.  He became the inspiration for my business.  I always loved being  creative so this was a way for me to combine my two passions, my love for animals and designing.

RC:  As an animal-lover, designer and entrepreneur, could you share with us some of the challenges you have encountered along the way?

Kim:  Since everything is handmade by me, one of the biggest challenges is reproducing some of the items in mass quantities.  A lot of work goes into making each piece just right and it also takes quite a bit of patience. 

RC:  Any advice for those who want to do something to help a cause important to them?

Kim:  I was always passionate about helping animals but until we found Mowgli, I never thought about being so involved with rescues.  Today, I have become a big advocate for  animal adoption. I love giving back and helping different rescues by donating.  If you're passionate about a cause, it can be a big motivating factor to get things done.  If you decide to try and start a business to help your favorite cause, the most important quality to have is persistence.  I believe if you have this there is nothing that can't be accomplished.

RC:  N&B has been worn by many celebrities such as Cesar Milan, model Raquel Balencia and has been featured on several top hit televisions shows such as ‘Veep’, ‘Vampire Diaries’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ to name a few; What can we expect from N&B in the future?

Kim:  Hopefully, a few more of my designs may be on other TV shows.  I just submitted one last week and am sending one this week too.  I belong to The Artisan Group and have been lucky to have some great opportunities through them.  I'm also hoping to add a few t-shirt designs to my site soon as well as, mugs and tote bags and am continuing to pursue more wholesale accounts.  I would love to have N&B designs in some more retail outlets.  In addition, I would love to be able to pass the $10,000 mark in donations this year.  That would make me the happiest or all!


RC: Amazing, We look forward to watching N&B continue its growth! Thank you once again for sharing N&B with us.


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