Luminar Project- for the contemporary female entrepreneur

I would like to share a great new resource network for female entrepreneurs, started by sisters Elaine and Kerenny Torres-Negron and launched 3/1/17.

Now more than ever, as we (Women) choose to embark on a journey as entrepreneurs and sidepreneurs, can use a network where we can come together and share our knowledge, our ideas and more importantly our support for one another; #LuminarProject looks to fill that necessity and we could not be more excited. 


  Luminaries Elaine and Kerenny



Mission & Vision

We want to promote the understanding that when deciding to start a project, women are agents of social change and their micro-businesses have a big impact on the economy of their country as an aggregate.

We want to redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur today, to change the perception of what success is, and to provide the technical / artistic / psychological tools that drive women towards fulfilling their life project.

In addition to being a community of support and collaboration, we seek to be an organization capable of:

· Being a stepping stone for women who are starting their independent careers

· Providing spaces where women can establish their stores or offices

· Providing financial assistance to women entrepreneurs

· Being an educational platform that can reach women in different levels of social groups throughout the world




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