Thank You. A New Chapter

In 2016, RinconCult set some (what we had thought to be) pretty aggressive goals for the year; needless to say, not only were they accomplished but they were exceeded beyond our wildest expectations. Thank YOU for that!  As we look forward to what’s in store for 2017, I wanted to give a little update and a little preview...


  • Site expansion: since the beginning, the goal was to be (not just a shop) a resource site… (fashion, diy, sustainability, minimalism, education, brand awareness/influencers, collaborations and community give-back)
  • collaborations: We are glad to be a part / feature of a female entrepreneur resource site and network, being launched in February 2017 (
  • pop-up: more sightings, get ready.
  • Exclusive Design: RinconCult is a movement encouraging sustainability, eco-conscious consumerism and a minimalist lifestyle; in 2017 we launch our exclusive apparel brand: Saint Virgil.
  • Hitting the road and the world: Series “TBD” will showcase domestic and international travels, exploring the worlds’ views on minimalism and sustainable fashion (Interviews, photography and experiences) This year, we’re hitting the road to Seattle, WA & Portland, OR USA, in addition we are traveling to Ireland, France and England.


Stay Tuned!

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