Interview: Samantha, blogger of THISISITT

Tell us about yourself: Where are you from?

I’m originally from New York but have been living in New Orleans for the past four years where I attend school. This year, I have spent a lot of time making photographs, eating food, and sitting on the porch with my growing collection of leafy plants.

What got you interested in Blogging? How was THISISITT born?

I started blogging because I was always interested in fashion and wanted to showcase my personal style along with some of my photography. THISISITT is a means to express myself creatively and has evolved with my style and personal outlook.

What interested me so much about THISISITT is the eco-conscious aspect you decided to highlight in your fashion choices. I have seen a lot of fashion bloggers, but the fact that you choose to spotlight such an important issue is really amazing. In regards to that, could you elaborate on why you chose this route?

Over the past year or two, I have become more aware of how my own actions effect both the environment and society. As my habits changed to become more sustainable, I naturally decided to share this through my style. Stepping away from fast fashion was an easy choice once I became educated on practices in the retail and fashion world that are interrelated with issues such as waste, pollution, labor exploitation, and inequality. I am still learning about the industry and many of the indirect effects that the fashion world has a part in. Making more conscious choices such as buying less, researching ethical and sustainable brands, and thrifting have all been a part of my move toward sustainability.


What do you hope to achieve as a fashion / lifestyle blogger? …You have already been featured on podcast such as “conscious chatter”.

My blog has always been a way to express myself creatively through style and photography without an explicit goal. In a way, I realized that I cannot make people care or change their habits, and since my blog has taken a more eco-conscious route aligned with my lifestyle, I hope to influence others by sharing my own passion for living more consciously.

I love your style and noticed you seem to wear a lot of vintage items...Describe your style?

I think my style has definitely grown and changed over the years. I love searching for vintage items and both unique secondhand pieces along with more timeless ones. I have also added vintage pieces from my mom, aunt, and grandma to my closet. I think my style comes from my own expression that changes day to day – somedays I’ll have a more bohemian style, and the next my outfit will center around a statement piece.

 I know it’s supposed to be a “hidden secret” but any recommendations on best local thrift stores in your area?

Sure! I usually try to find thrift stores when I’m shopping in any new city. Many of my recent pieces have come from different shops in places such as Austin, Santa Fe, New York, and Madrid. In New Orleans, I have found so many great pieces from the local Goodwill and Salvation Army. I also really like The Revival Outpost in the French Quarter.  


Any words of encouragement or any warnings you would like to give to someone who may be thinking of starting a fashion/ lifestyle blog centered around an ecoconscious theme?

I think it’s important to pursue the things that you care about. For me, my blog isn’t centered around becoming a well-known name, but personal expression and the possibility that I can make even the smallest impact on others. I think you shouldn’t hesitate to go for an eco-conscious theme, especially since it’s something that people need to know more about.

And my final question: what’s “in store” next for THISISITT? Anything we should be watching for?

 I’m not even sure what the next big thing is for THISISITT, but I will continue to use it as a personal platform sharing more insight as I continue to learn and grow.  I’m at a point on deciding where to go next with both my blog and my life!



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