RIP #AmericanApparel

After filing bankruptcy for the second time, on January 10th 2017 American Apparel was officially sold to Canadian group  Gildan Activewear Inc. After years of speculated sexual harassment & indecent practices by founder Dov Charney not much could be done to save (what was) the largest domestic garment manufacture in the US. So far over 500 employees have been laid-off with another 4,600 projected to follow in southern California alone. It has been reported the over 150 locations worldwide will be closing within 3 months, as Gildan* only secured the intellectual property and some inventory and manufacturing equipment... and not the store leases. With the factories in Downtown & El Monte closing, Gildan*  clears the question "Will American Apparel no longer be Made in the US?"


Los Angeles use to be a "force" in the garment manufacturing industry, however in the late 80's early 90's after a slew of sweatshops were discovered the Garment manufacturing economy in Los Angeles hit rock bottom. Although it has recovered a bit nothing was more encouraging to the future of manufacturing in Los Angeles and America, than that of American Apparel's fast rise in popularity and slogan "Made in America". 


I have been working in the garment industry in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York for the past 9yrs and witnessing the closure of American Apparel is definitely a sign of the times...People can say what they want about AA, but the facility paid a living wage, offered legal working conditions and decent garment construction. We hear "a basic tee was so over priced" but we forget the true cost of a garment made in the right conditions. American Apparel was Ethical in their manufacturing processes. #FastFashion has caused consumers to lose track of what a garment  should cost and American Apparel is a victim of that...







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