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Hi Jackie, thank you for taking the time to sit with us at RinconCult,  and allowing us to share Let’s Go Thrifting!


RC: For our readers who may not be familiar with the “let’s go thrifting” blog, much less with the women behind the blog; tell us a bit about yourself and “let’s go thrifting”.

My name is Jackie Jardine and Let’s Go Thrifting has been my main creative outlet for over six years. Though I have pursued and been published in other forms of print and web media, I always come back to Let’s Go Thrifting, because it combines two of my lifelong passions: writing and thrift shopping.

RC: Where are you from?  

I’m from Philadelphia, though I’m in the process of becoming an official New Jerseyan.

RC: What are your hobbies?

Obviously, thrifting and writing are key components in my life. But I also enjoy photography, dreaming up new recipes, gardening, and crafting.

RC: Describe how did you first get into blogging?

I had been a longtime web contributor and freelance writer, but I really wanted something consistent to call my own. I first hatched the idea for Let’s Go Thrifting in 2010. It was meant to be a fun group-project sort of blog, with shared responsibilities for the writing, photography, and the technical details. But when the other two members lost interest after the initial honeymoon phase, it came down to just me. I didn’t know everything I needed to know about blogging. I still don’t, and probably never will. But I’m doing what I love and with complete creative control.

RC: Is there an ethical /moral reason you may have for Thrifting? If so, what message would you give to your readers to convince them to thrift more?

When I was 16, and brand new to the secondhand scene… I had just considered Goodwill to be a venue for finding cool stuff for cheap. But as I got older and wiser, I came to understand that thrift shopping has multiple benefits. It’s frugal, it can make for one-of-a-kind-finds, it’s beneficial to the communities that the profits serve, and it keeps usable goods out of landfills. Mass media hails hot trends and fast fashion for consumers. But thrift shopping is subtly subversive. I can still embrace trends, but on my budget and on my terms. I would encourage teenagers—who are especially susceptible to manipulative media messages—to give thrift shopping a try. You’d really be surprised what you can find secondhand.

RC: What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

I think it depends on the type of blog and the topic of the material. But for me, Let’s Go Thrifting is equal parts entertaining and informative. If I can help someone save money, or be inspired, or laugh, or cry…I’ve done my job as a writer.

RC: In the future where do you hope your blog will take you? Anything us readers should look out for?

In my wildest dreams, I’d love the opportunity for blog-official thrifting abroad. Flea markets in Paris, op-shopping in London, photographing and interviewing vintage enthusiasts in Tokyo. But back down to reality, I’m just thrilled to get feedback from readers. If someone goes out of their way to share a post, to comment, to shoot me an email…I’m on Cloud 9. Right now, I’m working on a segment about couponing. Also be on the lookout for a how-to guide about shopping at Goodwill Outlets. Hopefully my readers will enjoy those posts and the others that I have planned.

RC: Any advice for those thinking of starting a blog?

I’ve actually been a guest lecturer at Arcadia University on the subject of blogging, so I have entire fact sheets of tips for beginning bloggers. But ultimately, the most important piece of advice I can give is: pursue a topic your passionate about. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore—and it won’t be, if you choose to blog about what you love.

RC: Top 3 favorite thrift shops

I have a number of thrift shops that I visit regularly. Some are better for furniture and decor, some are better for fashion, and some are a grab bag of finds. Impact Thrift, which has a number of stores in Pennsylvania, has quality finds. The Goodwill Outlet of Bellmawr, NJ is my top choice for when I’m in a digging-for-treasures mood. And I just found a ReStore in Langhorne, PA that sells literally everything you’d need when it comes to housewares and home maintenance. I may not always find something to buy from these thrift shops, but I always leave inspired.

RC: Lastly, any specific tip’s for thrifting?

Go often, but buy only what you’ll use. And don't forget that thrift shoppers should contribute to the inventory. If you have unused goods taking up space, pack them up and drop them in the donation bin.

It’s been truly great getting to know the “women behind the blog” and I look forward to all the is to come for “Let’s go thrifting”. Thanks again to meeting with us!


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  • So happy to see your wonderful posts being “Discovered” by others. A fate that had to happen because you truly are in love with your blogging and it shows.
    Here is to your continued success.

    Margaret Siemers
  • Should have interviewed me, I started hitting thrift shops back in the 80s before it was hip.


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