30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Just want to share this amazing 30-day Minimalism Challenge. I invite you all to participate! 



1) Stay OFFLINE for 1 day

2) Meditate for 15 minutes

3) Declutter your digital life

4) no-complain day

5) Identify your 3-6 priorities

6) Follow a morning Ritual

7) Streamline your reading list

8) Learn to enjoy solitude

9) Downsize your beauty collection

10) No email or social media until lunch

11) Evaluate your commitments

12) Define your goals for this year

13) Clean out your closet

14) Take a step towards learning a new skill

15) Examine your daily habits

16) Don't buy anything for 24 hours

17) Practice single-tasking

18) Unfollow and unfriend

19) Go for a walk and practice mindfulness

20) No TV all-day, read instead

21) Journal for twenty minutes

22) Create a relaxing bedtime routine

23) Go bare-faced

24) Practice gratitude

25) Leave a whole day unplanned

26) Identify your stress triggers

27) Clear out your junk drawer

28) Let go of a goal

29) Turn off notifications

30) Evaluate your last 5 purchases



 How do you feel? Lite? Energized? Clean?






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