25 Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts


1. DIY Maternity Skirt – The bottom of a snug-fitting t-shirt is the perfect over-the-bump waistband for a maternity skirt! Check out how to make a maternity skirt from an old t-shirt and vintage fabric.

2. Make Yoga Pants – No, for real! You can use old t-shirts to make super comfy, cropped yoga pants!

3. Make Your Own Undies – A slave to Victoria’s Secret, no more! Check out how to make your own, cute undies from an old tee.

4. No-Sew Vest – Grab those scissors and transform an old tee into a trendy vest.

5. Make a Baby Hat – This quickie tutorial shows you how to use the sleeve from an old tee to tie and sew a hat for a baby.

6. Grocery Tote – Another no-sew project! Turn an old t-shirt into a functional grocery bag.

7. Fringe Beach Tote – Take that tee to tote thing a step further by adding some sassy fringe.

8. Flutter Tee – This would be great for covering a stain on the front or shoulder of your shirt. This tutorial says you need two tees in the same color, but I think contrasting colors would look really cute, too!


9. Sassy Scarf – T-shirt scarves are nothing new, but this project is a more modern take on the old favorite.

10. Rosette Pillow – An old t-shirt is perfect for making a super stylish throw pillow!

11. No-Sew T-Shirt Bracelet – Remember finger-weaving from when you were a kid? Use that same technique to make a cute t-shirt bracelet.

12. Make a Headband – This no-sew project uses a similar technique to the bracelet to create a sweet headband from an old tee.

13. T-Shirt to Strapless Shirt – Follow these simple instructions to turn an old t-shirt into a skirt! You might want to use 1″ no-roll elastic, if you’re going the skirt route.

14. Lace Back Tank – Combine an old t-shirt and some doilies from your stash or the thrift store to make a really cute tank top!

15. Print It – Grab some fabric paint and wood blocks or stamps to cut up an old t-shirt. You could strategically place your printing to cover up a stain!

16. Rose Embellishments – Get your glue on! There’s no sewing required to make these cute, t-shirt roses.

17. Freezer Paper Stencil – If you don’t have any stamp supplies handy, you can also use fabric paint and freezer paper to create custom stencils to cover up a stain on that old t-shirt.


18. No-Sew T-Shirt Scarf – Want to make a t-shirt scarf but you’re not ready to whip out the sewing machine? Check out the no-sew, classic version!

19. Petal Tee – Got a hole or stain near your shirt’s neckline? Cover it up with beautiful, layered petals!

20. Bow Headband – Another no-sew headband! This one features a really cute bow detail.

21. Scribble Flower Shirt – Get the kids involved! Let them do the painting, and you do the sewing to create this pretty floral-embellished t-shirt.

22. Sass Up a Baggy Tee – No sewing required! Get ready to cut and tie your way to cuteness.

23. T-Shirt to Tunic – Grab an oversized tee and give it a girlie makeover! Check out how to make a ruffled tunic from a gigantic t-shirt.

24. Take in a Tee – Here’s an alternative way to take in a too-big t-shirt.

25. Fancy Up Your Shoes – Use an old t-shirt to make flower embellishments for a plain pair of slip-ons.


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