Subduing the Monster that is FastFashion.

The fashion industry is designed to make you feel “out of trend” after one week” Shannon Whitehead (founder of factory45) writes in an article for HuffingtonPost. It’s no surprise that we are being constantly over-sold on the next “trend”. In less than 20yrs the fashion industry has gone from four seasons: Holiday, Spring, Summer and Fall to as many as weeks in a year. Yes folks, we can say the industry now produces 52 collections…where they work tirelessly to produce the next weekly trend, slightly different than last weeks; but just enough to make it feel new. Welcome to the world of “Fast Fashion”.

What is Fast Fashion? #FastFashion is defined as the process in which “The Runway” moves from the runway to the shelves almost immediately. How so? The simplest way put: cutting cost, fair labor conditions & quality. Fast Fashion giants such as F21, H&M and Zara are replenishing on a weekly basis with low quality products, made in questionable labor conditions for an affordable price ($2.90 tanks anyone?) and we are eating it up like apple pie; But at what cost?

“The average American throws away about 65 pounds of clothing per year…14.3 million tons of textile waste per year.”

In addition to unfair labor conditions & low quality clothing (thanks to #FastFashion) the fashion industry is now credited as the 2nd highest pollutant. What will it take for us as consumers to ask “how much did this really cost?”  I am guilty. When we don’t see the value in something we are not easily attached. I bought a floral shirt for $8.99, it’s the ugliest thing…but it was on sale. Have I worn it? No…In a few weeks I’ll go through my closet to make room for my “summer looks” and likely this top won’t make the cut A.K.A trash. If I or YOU would have paid let’s say…$100 for it, would we so easily part with it?

Let that sink in.

When we make purchases, we must understand the TrueCost. Ask yourself: if you are getting such a great deal who is truly paying the price? Is it a need or a want? Can you see the value and the longevity of use? 

Remember Trends come and go. 

- RinconCult



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