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Top Ten Reasons To Stop the Waste and Recycle Textiles

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 97% of post-consumer textile waste is recyclable.
  2. By simply donating all of your used textiles to participating thrift stores, you can help to significantly reduce the burden on our landfills.
  3. Over 70% of the world’s population uses secondhand clothes, so your old clothes can be used to help people in need.
  4. By recycling textiles you benefit your local community by creating local jobs that generate local tax revenue.
  5. Textile recycling companies, such as ours, work closely with charitable institutions to find new homes and uses for old clothing and fabric items, thus reducing the operating costs for thrift stores and freeing up funding to house, feed, and train the less fortunate.
  6. Textile recycling requires less energy than any other type of recycling.
  7. Textile recycling does not create any new hazardous waste or harmful by-products.
  8. Unwearable textiles can be reused as rags by paint stores, machine shops, auto shops, government, business and industry.
  9. Unwearable textiles can be converted for industrial uses such as noise reduction or upholstery.
  10. Each new home that is built uses 100 pounds of rags – isn’t it preferable that these be locally generated recycled material that was saved from a landfill?


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